The best VR games that will help you to lose weight are the ones that involve a rigorous movement of your body. To achieve this, you need to set up your VR room and have the right VR equipment in place.

You will need to have a comfortable headset, the right chair, and adequate space to play your game. If you will be playing an audio game, choose the music that interests you.

Here are some of the important considerations if you intend to lose weight through VR:


The most important requirement when playing a VR game is the headset. You need to have a headset that is not too heavy to allow you to move freely.

If you are not sure of the best headset, for you, you can ask for recommendations from those that are more experienced or check out the reviews from past users.

Swivel chair

To be able to move freely when playing your favorite VR game, you need a swivel chair. It will allow you to switch positions and have a 360-degree view of your VR game.

With the swivel chair, you will not have to worry about falling off or being hit by an obstacle as you play your favorite game.


If you will be playing music-based VR games, you need to have good audio and the right tracks as well. Choose music that will be appealing enough so that you can dance your way to the last note.

You can choose a game where you will be able to add your favorite tunes. With the right dancing steps, you will lose weight as you get entertained.

Adequate room

As you prepare to play your VR game in order to lose weight, ensure that there is enough space around you.  Hitting objects as you play your game will not only be risky but will also be a huge distraction.

Set up your VR room where you will be free from all obstacles. Ensure that the carpet edges are smoothened out to allow ease of movement.

To lose weight when playing VR, you need to have the right mindset. Having the right equipment is just one step to shedding off excessive weight. You need to be able to use this equipment to achieve your goals.

When using your headset, ensure that you have a removable covering that will absorb the sweat as you exercise. This will help to keep the headset clean so that you can have an easy time playing your favorite VR game.